Citibank Routing Number & Locations Near Me

Hello, Users! Here, we are going to share the list of Citibank Routing Number and Citibank locations Near Me. Therefore, we are going to share the list of the routing number and the near me locations for which, we have built a map with the online software and with the help of this map, the user can easily visit to the nearest branch ok Citibank.

Here, we are going to provide the users all the relevant information that is required for getting the routing numbers of the bank. Therefore, the routing numbers are very necessary for making the successful online transactions. American Bankers Association (ABA) has made it this process very easy and they made it necessary to fill the routing numbers. If the user will not enter the routing number of their branch then, they will unable to make the desired transactions successfully. Thus, we are going to give you a way through which the users can easily get the routing numbers through the check that they have with them. Read it thoroughly and the user will get the relevant information regarding the same as discussed with you all.

Citibank Routing Number

Citibank is one of the leading banks of the world and it is operated in various countries. It is therefore one of the subsidiary of the Citigroup. As like the other banks, Citibank also provides its users the facility of online banking and if the users are making some online transactions, or if the users have stuck in any of the online transaction then, they need to take the help of the list of the routing numbers that is given below.

Region ABA Routing number
Northern California – including San Francisco & Central California 321171184
Southern California – including Los Angeles & San Diego 322271724
Connecticut 221172610
Delaware 21272655
Florida 266086554
  067004764 for incoming wires
Illinois 271070801
Maryland 52002166
  254070116 for incoming wires
Massachusetts 221172610
Nevada – except Las Vegas branches 27, 29, 30 & 56 322271724
Nevada – Las Vegas branches 27, 29, 30 & 56 122401710


This is the list that contains all the routing numbers. Here, we have provided the branch – wise routing numbers of Citibank for its users. Now, the users can easily able to make the transactions with the help of the routing numbers that is given here. Below is the image that is been shown to the users so, that they can easily understand that from where they can get the routing numbers. Here is the image of the check and on the left side of the check, there is a nine digit number that is started from 3 8 that is the routing number of your branch.

The users can now easily see the image on the left side of the check that is been issued by the Citibank. The users can easily see the image and there is an highlighted part with red color that is the routing number that you have to enter and make sure that it is the 9 digits of the number that the user have to take. The users have to use this routing number for making the better transactions and therefore, we have provide a map through which the user can reach at the nearest locations of the Citibank.

Citibank Locations Near Me

Citibank has its operations in 19 countries with branches more than 2600. Therefore, those people who have their account in Citibank and in one of its branches and if the users want to visit the branch in order to take some services of banking and for discussing few things regarding the banking systems then, they can easily go to the nearest branches with the help of this map.

Therefore, if the user is searching for the Citibank Locations Near Me then, they have to take the help of the map that we have provide here. Thus, it is very easy to use the map and the user have to enable there GPS and then it will automatically recognize the location of the user and provides the list of the locations of the branch of Citibank that is nearest to the user. This will show you all the locations that is nearest to you when you enable the GPS.

Once, the user will get all the locations that are near to them then, they easily able to reach at the exact locations of the Citibank where they have to go and which is nearest to them. The user just needs to tap on the branch that is near to them and they started getting the directions for that branch.

Thus, if the user wants to get his own Citibank Routing Number or if they want to visit the branch for the other services the, they can use the above given map which they have shared all he locations of the Citibank.

Citibank Locator

Citibank Locator

In the given image, the user have seen the search bar where the user have to enter the postal code, City or state or few of the other desired things that are required in that. Thus, after filling these details, the user will get the branches for the exact address. Therefore, it is quite different as compared to the other locators as it provides the exact location with the proper address. The user needs to click on the image and then, they will redirected towards the official website of the Citibank where the user will see the page which is similar to the image that is given here.

Thus, we have provided all information that is required for getting the Citibank Routing Number and Citibank Locations Near Me. Therefore, we have tried to provide all the required information that is required for the routing numbers of the Citibank. If the users have any kind of the issues in getting the routing numbers then, they can comment below in the comment box and you will get the reply within 2 working days which will help you in solving your issues.


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