How To Find A Citizens Bank Routing Number Ohio

Hello friends, earlier we have talked about the bank routing numbers of different important branches of Citizens Bank. A bank routing number is a nine-digit number which is like a unique identifier to determine the bank name and location of the bank where you opened your branch.

It is required for many important bank transactions such as when you are making an online payment or by your phone, or if you want to make automatic bill payments.

What is the Routing Number for Citizens Bank Ohio

The routing number of Citizens Bank, Ohio is 241070417.

Citizens Bank Ohio Routing Number

The Citizens Bank Routing for Citizens Bank, Ohio is 241070417. You must be wondering where you can find your Citizens Bank Ohio Routing Number. It is very easy to find it. It is a nine-digit number which is first in the sequence of numbers and can be found at the bottom left of your cheque.

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