Comerica Bank Routing Number & Locations Near Me

Hello, Friends! There is a great news for those who are making online transactions without using the routing number. We are going to provide the Comerica Bank Routing Numbers which will definitely help the users to get the solution of their problems and if the users are taking any of the other banking services then, the bank will shared a map with them which will help them in searching Comerica Bank Locations Near Me through which they will easily get all the locations that are nearest to them.

Thus, we will shared the list of all the routing numbers through which the user will get the results very fast. We understand that there are many issues that the user is facing in terms of the banking but, the user should know the correct routing number so, that they can make the transactions easily. Thus, we have mentioned some of the routing numbers which will help the users to make the proper transactions. Thus, we have also given the link to the users so that they can contact to Comerica Bank. If the user want the contacting number, then, they have to see them in the check that has been issued by the bank to the user.

Comerica Bank Routing/Transit Number

Comerica Bank was founded in 1849 and routing numbers did not come into the existence that time. Then, after experiencing the glitches in the whole system of banking, ABA ( American Bankers Association) has developed the routing numbers in order to make checking system very clear as at that time, everything was not very easy as things are right now.

The user needs to use the list of the Comerica Bank Routing Number that has been shared with you all in this article. Now, the user can easily search their state routing number with this list. Once, the user have done this much, they can easily able to make the transactions and the users even get the routing numbers from the check that has been given to them by the bank.

State Routing Number
Arizona 121137522
California 121137522
Florida 067012099
Michigan 072000096
Texas 111000753
Other States Contact Comerica Bank


Here, we have shared the routing numbers of five states and if the user wants other states list then, they have to contact to the Comerica Bank Team by mailing them or by calling to them. In case if the user not got anything like this then, they can look at their check as it is mentioned over there.

The user will get it at the left side of the check which is shown in the image. There is a 9 digit number which is starting from 1 2 that is the routing number and that is at the left most side of the check. If the user can get the routing number from the check then, they can easily get the issues resolved.

Comerica Bank Locations Near Me

If the user have got the routing number by following the above methods then, they can visit at the nearest branch of the bank and they can make a use of a map that is been provided hare. Through this map, the user will easily get all the Comerica Bank Locations that are nearest to them. Therefore, the user needs to enable GPS system in their devices which help them in the same. The user then needs to tap on the branch that is near to them and they would get the nearest branch that will be shown in the map.

Therefore, the user will get the list of all the locations that are nearest to them at that time and they will easily get the directions for the same. The user will find it quite different as this provides the exact address. The user needs to enter the location where they want to reach and will get the exact location of that place. Thus, it can search the location of the user itself automatically.

Comerica Bank Locator

Comerica Bank Locator

The image that is shared here is the link which shows the official website of the Comerica bank and the user needs to enter the zip code of the location or they have to mention the name of the location where they want to reach and the map that is given above will help the user to show the locations of the branches but, through this locator, the user will only get the details about the location that they have entered.

However, if the users still have any issues or any problems then in getting the routing numbers or the nearest locations, then they can ask about their queries with the help of the comment that is below the article and once, they made the comment, they will get the reply or the solution within 2 working days or as soon as possible.

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