SunTrust Bank Routing Number & Locations Near Me

Hey, Friends! There is a good news for all the users of SunTrust Bank who are searching for the routing numbers. Here, we provide the list of the SunTrust Bank Routing Numbers so that the users can easily make all the online transactions and therefore, we have also provided the SunTrust Bank Locations Near Me so that the users will easily reach at their locations. If the users are making any of the online transaction and they have stuck in between of the process because of the routing number of the SunTrust Bank and the user have no idea about that then, they have to see the list of the routing numbers of the Sun Trust bank. let’s have a look at the list of routing numbers that is given below.

In case, if the user is still not totally satisfied with this list then, they have to make a visit to the SunTrust bank which is nearest to them with the help of the map that we have provided here in this article. Therefore, the users can easily reach at the desired location which is near to them very easily. Now, the user have to read the article very thoroughly and carefully to get the routing numbers and the nearest locations of the branches of the SunTrust bank.

SunTrust Bank Routing Number

Here is the list of the routing numbers of SunTrust Bank which will help the users in making the better online transactions like money transfer, payments of bill, and in making other banking transactions and it will help the user to get all the records of the transactions or bill records etc. therefore this is a 9 digit number which is compulsory at the time of making the transactions. Therefore, these numbers were firstly developed by the American Bankers Associations (ABA) and the reason behind developing these routing numbers is to make the process of online transactions better and easy for the users.

Therefore, with these routing numbers, it is very easy in making the analysis and recognition of the particular bank and easily differentiate with other banks. Therefore, now it is easily recognizable that the transactions were made through which branch and account. The routing numbers are very helpful in making all the things very clear in banking.

Thus, in the given image, it is very clear that the routing number is on the left most side of the check which is issued to the user by the bank. The number that is started from the 06 is the routing number which will help the user to make the better transactions.

RTN (Routing Number) Regions Branch
61000104 Orlando, FL Suntrust
51000020 Orlando, FL Suntrust
53100465 Orlando, FL Suntrust
55002707 Orlando, FL Suntrust Bank
61100790 Orlando, FL Suntrust Bank, Northwest Ga
63102152 Orlando, FL Suntrust
63106750 Orlando, FL Suntrust Bank/ Skylight
64000046 Orlando, FL Suntrust
84006952 Orlando, FL Suntrust Bank


Thus, it is the list of the routing numbers through the users can search the routing number of their branch and make all the transactions very easily.

SunTrust Bank Locations Near Me

We have given a map here through which the users of SunTrust Bank can reach at their location on time. This map will surely help the users to search about the same. Through this map, the users will reach to the nearest branches of the SunTrust Bank very easily without even doing anything or making any effort as this map is designed in the way that will automatically recognize the location of the users and the users only needs to enable the GPS system in their devices. When the user will do so then, this map will automatically search for the nearest branch location of the SunTrust Bank.

Therefore, through this map, the users can easily move to the location that they want to reach and they will get the list of the nearest locations that are near to them at the very moment. The map will show the different places or the nearest locations lists and the user needs to choose the place among them where they want to reach. This will show the users right directions which helps them in reaching the correct place.

SunTrust Bank Locator

SunTrust Bank Locator

The SunTrust Bank Locator is quite different from the map that has given above. Therefore, this locator will show the exact location. Here, the users have to enter some of the details like Zip code, address. City, state, name of the branch etc. and once the filled them up they will get the exact location of the place where they want to go. The users will get the nearest locations of the particular area of SunTrust Bank.

Thus, we have shared all the relevant information that is required by the users of SunTrust Bank. The users will get the full information of the routing numbers and the nearest locations. If there is still any confusion in the mind of the users then, thy can make a comment about their queries and they will get the reply very soon.


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