Where To Find A Synchrony Bank Routing Number

Synchrony bank is an innovative online bank. All the bank facilities are provided by this bank. Customers can save money in a smarter way by connecting to Synchrony bank.

What is the Routing Number For Synchrony Bank

You just need to make an account in this bank and for online banking registration is required and login id is generated. With the help of user id and password, you can log in into your account and can check your account details, perform online transactions, bill payments etc.

Synchrony Bank Routing Number

The routing number is 9 digits long which is assigned by ABA on the basis of location and mode of transaction (wired transfer, paper method, wireless transfer etc.). The routing number of Synchrony bank is 021213591.

How To Find Your Synchrony Bank Routing Number

Customers can find routing number on its cheque as it is 9 digit long numbers located in the bottom left corner. And we are also listing this number over here as well i.e. 021213591.

The routing number varies for different banks and its locations.

What is the Routing Number For Synchrony Bank

The routing number for Synchrony bank is 021213591 (9 digit number assigned by ABA). This routing number can vary on the basis of mode of transaction and location of the bank.

What is the Routing Number For Synchrony Bank

Synchrony National Bank Routing Number Michigan

Synchrony national bank routing number for Michigan is 042202688. As the routing number depends upon the location, so one needs to be aware of their bank location and mode of transaction, so that right routing number can be applied.             

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