US Bank Routing Number and Locations Near Me

Hey, Friends! Hope you all are doing well. There is a good news for all the customers of US Bank who are searching for US Bank Routing Number and we have provided the same in this article. We have provided a list of the US Bank Routing Numbers of different states and the users have to choose their routing number accordingly. We have also provided the map through which the user get the US Bank Locations Near Me which is given below. The users have to read the full article for getting the routing numbers and the nearest locations.

US Bank is, therefore, one of the major banks of the United States and its revenue is almost $21.5 billion approximately. Therefore, US Bank is providing many services to their customers such as providing retail banking, credit and debit cards, online banking services and many more banking services. Those users who are using online banking services of the US Bank and stuck in middle of the transaction as they don’t have the routing number of the bank and the transaction will not be complete without that. American Banking Association (ABA) makes the routing numbers necessary for making any online transaction. Read the article carefully and the users will get the list of the routing numbers.

US Bank Routing/Transit Number

A routing number is of 9 digits which is also called as transit numbers. Therefore, this number was came into an existence in the year 1910 because at that time, the process of clearing the check get complicated and it was very difficult for the customers to clear the check and there were no such technologies at that time as they are now. The routing number is therefore still very necessary in making the online transactions as this number is required for the safety purposes. Now, let’s have a look at the US Bank Routing Number list that is given below.

State Routing
Arizona 122105155
Arkansas 82000549
California – Northern 121122676
California – Southern 122235821
Colorado – Aspen* 102101645
Colorado – all other areas 102000021
Idaho 123103729
Illinois – Northern 71904779
Illinois – Southern 81202759
Indiana 74900783
Iowa – Council Bluffs 104000029
Iowa – all other areas 73000545
Kansas 101000187
Kentucky – Northern 42100175
Kentucky – Western 83900363
Minnesota – East Grand Forks* 91215927
Minnesota – Moorhead 91300023
Minnesota – all other areas 91000022
Missouri 81000210
Missouri – Western 101200453
Montana 92900383
Nebraska (+ Council Bluffs, IA) 104000029
Nevada 121201694
New Mexico 107002312
North Dakota (+ Moorhead, MN) 91300023
Ohio – Cleveland 41202582
Ohio – all other areas 42000013
Oregon 123000220
South Dakota 91408501
Tennessee 64000059
Utah 124302150
Washington 125000105
Wisconsin 75000022
Wyoming 307070115
All Other States 91000022

This is the list of the routing numbers which is very important for making online transactions. Nowadays, almost every person is using online mode for the transactions like money transfer, payment of bills, transfer of funds, NEFT and many other transactions and routing numbers are required in making any transaction which is required by the bank for the safety purposes. The user has to choose the routing number according to their state.

Therefore, there is another way of getting the routing number which is very simple and the user can get the routing number very easily through this. There is a 9 digit routing number given in the check which is issued by the bank itself to the users. The number is at the left side of the check which starts from 123 according to the given image. The U.S Bank Routing Number is there in the check book that the user have but many of the users have no idea regarding this. This number is present at the bottom of the check on left side. The routing number varies from one branch to another not from one account to another account.

US Bank Locations Near Me

Here is the map for the nearest locations of the bank. Through this map the users who are searching for the US Bank Locations Near Me will get the locations of the bank which are nearest to them.  People are very busy these days and they want to reach at the locations very fast as they don’t have much time to waste on searching the way to the bank. So, they can take the help of the map through which they come to know the nearest location of the US bank.

The user only have to enable GPS system in their devices and the click on the map and it will automatically search the users location and provides the list of the nearest branches of the bank and the user needs to tap on the branch where they want to go and the map will provide the directions to that location so, the user will reach there at time easily without having any issue.

US Bank Branch Locator

US Bank Locator

The US Bank Branch Locator will provide the exact address of the place where the users want to reach. This locator is therefore quite different from the map that is given above as it tells the particular location of the area that the users have entered and through the map, the user will get all the nearby locations.

The user just needs to click on the link and they will be redirected to the official website of the US bank where the users have to enter the exact address to get the details of that particular area of the branch of the US Bank. The users will surely get the US Bank Locations Near Me if they follow the process that are discussed above.

If the users still have any issues in the searching the nearest locations or in getting the routing number so, they can ask regarding the queries by putting the comment below in the comment box they will get the response within 2 working days.


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